Unlock BootLoader of any Android Device Using Fastboot


In this we discuss how to Unlock BootLoader of any Android Device Using Fastboot. At first we need to understand that why we need to unlock Bootloader of android devices. So unlocking the bootloader means unlocking features to customise your android device. There are many reasons to unlock the bootloader.

That means to do all the abobe things the basic thing that you have to do is to unlock your bootloader. With out it you can not perform the abobe customization. Below you will get a detail procedure to unlock the bootloader using Fastboot.

Unlock BootLoader of any Android Device Using Fastboot

NOTE : This bootloader unlock procedure is not for all devices. There are several devices for which bootloader unlock procedure is totally different. For those devices you need to take permission from the company to unlock bootloader . Here are those devices below for those bootloader unlock procedure is different.

Before going through the process you need to download ADB and Fastboot files on your computer and learn how to Install ADB and Fastboot file on your computer in a few seconds.


  • Unlocking bootloader will remove all data of your phone memory so take a backup of your phone memory before going through the process.
  • Charge your phone battery at least 50% before starting the process.
  • We will not take any responsibility for any problem of your device during the process. So do at your own risk.

Unlock BootLoader of any Android Device Using Fastboot :


  • Connect your device to the computer via Data Cable (USB Cable). You need to Install your Device USB driver before that.

Guide: Download USB Drivers for Android Devices.

  • If the device ask for premission to allow USB debugging the allow it.

Guide: How to enable Developer option, allow usb debugging and OEM unlock.

  • Then open ADB & Fastboot folder which is downloaded in your computer.
  • Inside the folder press “Shift + Right click” and select  “open command window here”
  • In the command window type the below command to reboot your device into bootloader,

adb reboot bootloader

  • Now check the device is connected to fastboot properly by typing the below command.

fastboot devies

  • This will show the device ID in the command window screen. Now you are sure that your device is connected with your computer.
  • Now type the below command to unlock the bootloader of youre device.

fastboot oem unlock

If you get any message that needs your confirmation then you need to perss volume up button and then power button to confirm it.

  • Then type the below command to reboot.

fastboot reboot

NOTE : If you want to know that the unlock is successfull then type the below command to get the Unlock information

fastboot unlock-info

  • Done!!!

What Next??

After Unlocking Bootloader you can Root your device and Install Custom recovery .

Also learn how to Take A full ROM backup of your Android Device.

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