How To Take A Backup of Phone Memory on Android

Avirup Majumder Sep 08, 2016

How To Take A Backup of Phone Memory on Android

In this post we will discuss about How To Take A Backup of Phone Memory on Android. Before going to the brief duscussion we need to understand that why we need backup of android device. The need of backup is – If your device is dead (Not turning on) then you need to install ROM on it. If you install ROM on your device , it will erase all the data of your hone memory(Contacts, apps, messages, photos, gallary etc). After restoring your phone you can Find an empty device. But if you take backup then you can import the backup file on your device and recover the important data of the device.

In this post we will discuss about an application through which you can take backup of your device.The name of the application is helium. It will allow you to take backup on your computer by connection your phone with your computer.

How To Take A Backup of Phone Memory on Android

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Files you need:


Take A Backup of Phone Memory on Android

  • Goto the playstore link abobe and download the Helium application on your device.
  • Download the Desktop version of helium allpication on your computer.
  • Install it on both your computer.
  • Install the android application on your device.
  • After installing the application on your device launch it and then you will get a notification to connect the device to your computer to take backup.
  • Connect it to your computer. You need USB Driver of your device.
  • Make sure your device USB debugging is enabled.

Guide: Enable Developer Option USB Debugging and OEM Unlock of Android Device.

  • Desktop application will search for the device. It will detect the device and the application will be activated.
  • Now no need to connect the USB cable. But when you restart the device you need to repeat the procedure from the abobe because the application reset the data inside it.
  • Now Open the application on your phone . you will get a list of applications to backup. select them.
  • Click on the backup option and then it will ask you to select the destination.
  • Just simply select destination of your choice.
  • The backup will start.

Restore Backup Data on your device

  • In the helium application you will find ‘Restore and Sync’option.
  • Select the option and click on the applications you wish to restore and then select the Restore button.
  • It will restore the data.
  • Done!!!

Learn how to Take A full ROM backup of your Android Device(Root Needed).

Now you can take backup and restore data of your phone.

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