OnePlus 3 Button Mods – Adds menu button behavior

Avirup Majumder Jul 31, 2016

OnePlus3 Button Mods

Button Mods is the mod which is developed by Mr. Yawnie. With the help of this mod we can easily adds the missing “Open/Close menu” to Button actions. In this post we will discuss about OnePlus 3 Button Mods & how you can install this Mods in your device. 

Button Mods supported only Oneplus 3 device

OnePlus 3 Button Mods – Adds menu button behavior!


  1. Link to Layers Manager in Settings.
  2. Add “Open/close menu button action”.
  3. Change Recent/Back button behavior to Menu button.
  4. Link to SuperSU in Settings.

Files you need:

  1. Must have rooted device. Click Here or Here for rooting guide.
  2. Must have installed Xposed Framework.
  3. Download Button Mods Files
  4. Xposed Module Repository here
  5. One Plus 3 Settings Apk here

Procedure to install Button Mod: 

Two process are there to install Button Mod in your OnePlus 3 device –

  •  Via Modded Apk: 

  1. Must have rooted device.
  2. At first download modded Settings.apk file with the help of above link.
  3. After that when replacing original apk with the modded apk (system/priv-app/Settings) backup your current Settings.apk.
  4. Now change permissions to rw-r-r.
  5. At last reboot your device.
  6. Enjoy
  • Via Xposed module:

  1. At first download Xposed module file from the above link.
  2. After that go to the Install module -> go Xposed installer -> modules -> click & activate it.
  3. At last reboot your device.
  4.  Enjoy

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