Officially Unlock Bootloader on Moto X 2014

Alex Jones Mar 26, 2016

Moto X

In this post we will discuss about the Officially Unlock Bootloader on Moto X 2014. Motorola has Android v5.1.1 (Lollipop), Upgradable to Marshmallow for moto X.

In this post we will discuss how to officially Unlock Bootloader on Moto X 2014.You need to follow the process below:

Files You Need To Unlock Bootloader Moto X 2014:

  • You need to set up ADB and Fastboot on Your Computer. Download the ADB from HERE Link 1.
  • Install ADB on your device driver from HERE.
  • Install Motorola USB Drivers.
  • Go to Developer Options if OEM Unlock option available Enable it.


  • You need to charge your battery above 50% before starting this.
  • Unlocking Bootloader provides the warranty but when you login to Motorola’s website for unlock code request, you may not to claim warranty. If you do this we at, not to be responsible for any damage to your device.

Unlock Bootloader Moto X 2014:

  • You have successfully setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device.
  • Power off your device & unplugged from your PC.
  • Boot into Bootloader.Volume down and the power button press & hold together when Bootloader screen will appear plug your device with your computer.
  • Browse to the location where ADB and Fastboot is installed. When it is open, right-click to Open command window option to launch a cmd window.
  • Issue the following command in cmd to get a code.

  $ fastboot oem get_unlock_data 

  • See following device information shown below:

                                       (bootloader) 0A40040192024205#4C4D3556313230
                                       (bootloader) 30373731363031303332323239#BD00
                                       (bootloader) 8A672BA4746C2CE02328A2AC0C39F95
                                       (bootloader) 1A3E5#1F53280002000000000000000
                                       (bootloader) 0000000

  • Copy this code & paste it somewhere. Right click on the title bar and click Edit->Mark then highlight the code and right click on the title bar and select Edit->copy.
  • After copied the code. Go to Unlock Page or go to Motorola’s page and click Unlock Bootloader and select your device.
  • Login/create an account to get the unlock key.
  • Paste code from the command prompt and click “Is my device unlocked”.
  • The unlock code will send you an email.
  • Once you get the email with your unlock code, type the following in command prompt and replace YOURKEY with the key from the email.

                                              $ fastboot oem unlock YOURKEY

  • Unlock your Bootloader & Reboot to system.

Now you have an unlocked Bootloader on your Moto X 2014.

Rom and Recovery for Moto X 2014:

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