IconThemer For Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

Avirup Majumder Jul 20, 2016


 In this post we will discuss about how you to chage your Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Smartphone’s statusbar to make it stylish.

IconThemer For Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

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Features of IconThemer:
  1. Data Icon.
  2. Signal Icon.
  3. Wifi Icon.
  4. Alarm Icon.
  5. Up/Down Arrows.

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  1. Charged your device at least 60%.
  2. Must have arooted device.
  3. Custom Recovery Install on Your Device.
Files You Need:

Download IconThemer Mod.zip here

  1. At first download the Camera Mod File.
  2. After that copy the “.Zip” file to SD Card.
  3. Switch off your Device and go to the Recovery Mode by pressing ” Volume Up + Power” Key.
  4. Go to the Recovery Main Menu and click over Install.
  5. Select the “.Zip” file which was copy in Sd Card.
  6. Then “Swipe To Confirm Flash” On The Bottom Of Screen.
  7. Wait untill the flashing complete.
  8. At last Reboot your Device.

Now you have enjoy the IconThemer on your Samsung device.

If you have any problem leave a comment below.