How to play Pokemon GO in Android without Going anywhere


In this post we will discuss How to play Pokemon GO in Android without Going anywhere . At present in smartphone world the gaming person means who are interested to play games in his device already known the Pokemon Go games which launched July 2016. In this game at first you will install Pokemon Go app in your device. When you have been logged in you will see the the brief introduction to the game and you must have walk to catch the first three Pokemon like Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur. The game pretty much leaves you on your own, aside from a small tips section that mostly explains basic map icons. The three basic parts on Pokemon Go i.e. catching pokémon, visiting pokéstops, and gym battles. At first you can walk normally around the pps and open your device if the pokemon are nearby then buzz your device and you can click on the map and search the pokemon. A colur ring surrounding this pokemon will help you to catch the pokemon. If it is green then it easiest, yellow means easy and red means difficult. When you are in-front of Pokemon throw the Poke Ball & capture the pokemon by tapping on the ball and flicking it up towards the Pokemon. It is a nice game.

But the main problem is that players must physically travel to find the pokemon with open his device map. Thus for the reason they facing accident. It this post we will discuss some step to play Pokemon with the help of this you can play it in your home without moving anywhere.

How to play Pokemon GO in Android without Going anywhere 


Must have rooted android device

Files you need:

If you don’t root your device you can use systemless Xposed framework

Download Pokemon Go app

Download Pokemon GO Joystick module (v2.4.3)

Pokemon Go Joystick:

With the help of this you can play Pokemon Go without moving out. joystick provided to navigate in any direction.



  1. Tap on any point on screen to move in that direction
  2. Clear mock location history
  3. Choose movement speed on the fly!
  4. Swap E/W direction in joystick
  5. Continue from where you left
  6. Right/Left handed mode
  7. Use the persistent notification use toggle joystick on/off on the fly!
  8. Search for nearby pokemons
  9. Change settings & add bookmarks on the fly with settings option near joystick
  10. Launch ‘Pokemon Go’ from the module
  11. Choose starting location in map
  12. Search for a location in map


  1. Run to original location when show/hide joystick from notification
  2. Option to check for updates!

Procedure of installing Pokemon GO in Android without Going anywhere:

  1. First you have to installed Xposed framework on your device.
  2. ThenInstall Joystick module (v2.4.3) app from the above link
  3. Next launched Xposed app in your device
  4. Now for checking “Pokemon GO Joystick module” go to the module option                                                               How-to-play-Pokemon-GO-without-moving-anywhere-in-Android-2.png
  5.  For allowing the module to use Xposed framework restart your device
  6.  Launching the app from the list and installed it                                                                                                                  How-to-play-Pokemon-GO-without-moving-anywhere-in-Android-3.png
  7. Turn on the toggle master switch and select your moving speed
  8. At the end tap on Open/Close joystick
  9. Now launch Pokemon GO App

        Start playing    

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