Fix Audio Mod The Various Mod Explanations For OnePlus 3

Alex Jones Jul 31, 2016

Audio Mod OnePlus 3

The audio mod developed by xda member by abhi08638. It is the combination of camcorder mic gain, mono surround sound, cam mic gain plus mono surround sound & various camera recording tests. In this mode the main speaker at the bottom and you can get mod speaker mode any time i.e. watching movies, playing games, listening music and many others with active front speaker and it create surround sound type. In this post we will discuss about how you can install this Audio Mod in your device.

Xda members tested that only OnePlus 3 version 13 cyanogenmod supported this Audio Mod.

Fix Audio Mod The Various Mod Explanations For OnePlus 3

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  1. Cam mic gain plus mono surround sound.
  2. Mono surround sound.
  3. Camcorder mic gain.

Files you need:

  1. Must have rooted device.
  2. Installed custom recovery TWRP.
  3. Download any one zips from below:

        OP3 Mano zip here

        OP3 DisableCameraNS v4 zip here

        Revert_mixer_paths here

        OP3_Mono_DisableCameraNS here


  1. At first download the zip file & copy it to your memory card.
  2. Switch off your device.
  3. Turn on it into Recovery Mode.
  4. Flash the Pon 3 zip with the help of Recovry Mode.
  5. Clear all cache.
  6. Reboot your device.
  7. Enjoy.

What next?

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