Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Nexus Devices

Alex Jones Jul 21, 2016


Now a days I think rooting is not the permanent solution of safety and security for your android device. Many expert hackers always have a way around different issues that may be encountered. To make your device more secure & safety Google launched a new security measure in Android 5.0 A.K.A. Android Lollipop called Factory Reset Protection. Factory reset protection make your device data safe in case of stolen your device. It does so by requiring authentication after a factory reset to make the device usable. If you lost your device or your device got stolen. Person who gets it at first will do factory reset of your device that means he can use it himself or might be sell it to someone. If you have already attached your Google account with your device and set security option like PIN, Password etc. the person who get this will not be able to factory reset it from the settings. Then he must have to do it via stock recovery option. Once it is done the process to setup the device begins, the device will ask to enter the Google account and password that was previously linked with the device. Then he is unable to use this device.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Nexus Devices


In this post we will discuss about how you to Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Nexus Devices.

The device on which we performing this trick must have a SIM card in it.


1. Switch off your device, go to recovery, factory reset of your phone.
2. After that you find the setup wizard. Choose one of the wi fi network to find “enter password” option. Dont enter password just press and hold “,” switc to go to setting.
3. Select the language and after that select three vertical dots at the right side top corner of your display and choose “Help & feedback”.
4.Here you find a search bar. Write anything here and hold whatever you wrote to “Share” from popup menu.
5. Select the option to share with the help of Google messenger. After opening the app tap on “New message”.
6.Type a number in the “To” input field and after that tap on “Send to”.
7. You find a contact’s like icon what appear on top of the next screen right side. Click on it and also clicked on the “tick mark”. Now your device automaticly make a call.
8. At the time of call press pause button and after that click dialler button. Now the dialler bring up.
9. At input place, write *#*#4636#*#*. Now test mode will open.
10. Click “Usage statistics” then clicked the back option to go to device’s settings menu.
11. Now factory reset your phone from settings.

Now, the necessary FRP to appear is that you have to attached a Gmail account to your phone & have security option enabled.

You have successfully bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) of your Nexus device.

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