3 Simple and Useful Tricks Every Android User Should Know

Avirup Majumder Jul 20, 2016


Android is the superb operating system. At present billion people used it and it is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Every year we see that lots of smartphone launch in the market which eventually increased the interest of people to use this operating system.
In this post we will discuss about 3 simple and useful tricks for every android user.

1.  Turn Off Now on Tap:


Google Now on Tap is not for everyone. Some people may not be use it because their privacy issues. Some people may not be use because they don’t find the information. Here we will provide the information of how turn of Now on Tap.

  1. At first long press the home button on the home screen to activate the Now on Tap.
  2. Tap the button right corner three vertical menu button and click “Settings”.
  3. Now turn off the toggle next to Now on Tap

If you feel like turning it on then follow the same procedure.

2. Check Out the Built-in File Manager in Stock Marshmallow:


Goolge stock Android is superb if you forget this fact that it provides little customization and it has no file manager. Googl family is recently released latest Android file manager i.e. Android Marshmallow. But it is in app drawer out of the drawer it is not available. Follow the below instruction to get the file manager in stock marshmallow.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings menu and go to “Storage & USB”.
  2. After that scroll down of the screen and tap on your “MicroSD Card” which is under “Portable storage”
  3. Now you will be able to transfe the hidden file manager.

This is a pretty basic file manager only perform functions like viewing and searching files, share, delete, moving media from internal storage to MicroSD card, etc.

3. Manage Volume Levels From One Place in Marshmallow:


It maintains the sound was quite confusing in Lollipop. In Marshmallow after pressing the volume button a simple slider for system volume appears on the screen. Tap this down arrow by the slider and you can manage the system volume, alarm volume, and media volume from that same menu.

If you have any problems leave a comment below.